• The benefits of working as a temp in the Tv Industry

    With the TV landscape changing and broadcasters implementing new strategies, restructures and new ways of working, there is no better time than to keep a more open mind about the benefits of temporary opportunities. Being made redundant or coming to an end of a contract can be extremely daunting regardless of your seniority, but there […]

  • Top 10 Jobhunting Tips for recent Graduates

    You’ve been spending the last 3 – 4 years working through your days, nights, holidays, birthdays and Christmases – you name it, you had to take time out to study. But you’ve finally made it! Finally holding that “Graduate” status, it’s been a long hard slog, but you’ve done it. Now you’re about to enter […]

  • Skype Interviews

    The number of skype interviews our clients request has risen considerably. They are also really useful when we register candidates for jobs. They are a great way to get to know candidates when time or space is limited. They are also used as an initial screening process for our clients. Unfortunately SKYPE interviews don’t come […]

  • Working in TV : An Insiders Guide

    Securing a role in a competitive industry is difficult, particularly if you’re a graduate or don’t have years and years of relevant experience. Employers often want candidates who can hit the ground running, but how do you make that first step up the career ladder? There are few industries as competitive as television, so I […]

  • Career Hotspot : PA’s and Executive Assistants

    Being a PA is not often a job people shout about, but the reasons for this may not be what you would immediately think. PA’s can work for Senior Executives, Businessmen or High Net Worth Individuals, a Celebrity or any High Profile figure. As such they need to be discreet when dealing with the public […]