Here are some tips from the media recruitment team.

1.       Commitment – the most successful temps are the ones who turn up on time and commit to bookings whether they are for 2 days or 2 months.  Candidates often think that being a temp means expectations are lowered.  This is not the case as more and more Media clients take candidates on short-term bookings which can potentially lead to a permanent position.

2.       Communication – it is important to ensure these lines are open with both line managers and consultants.  We need to be aware of changes in your booking, illness and holidays as do the line managers you are working for.  We often need to contact temps at short notice so ensure you are contactable if any urgent issues arise.

3.       Passion –  clients expect temps to be just as enthusiastic and brand aware as their permanent staff.  Candidates who are keen to muck in and willing to go the extra mile get repeat bookings.

4.       Take responsibility for your timesheets and organising your holidays.  Consultants are here to assist but ultimately this is your responsibility to keep on top of. 

5.       You are only as good as your last booking, so don’t get complacent.  An experienced temp who slacks off will not be asked back for repeat bookings so it is important to treat every day as if it was your first.

6.       Be organised – know where you are going for bookings and ensure you turn up on time.  Lateness is one of the most common complaints from line managers.  It gets you off on the wrong foot and is easily avoided with some simple planning.

7.       Don’t take it personally.  Understanding that as a temp you are there to fill a need whether it be holiday cover or sickness and you won’t always get included in company benefits including days out and summer working hours.

8.       Honesty – the candidates  we have worked with the longest are the ones who have always been upfront and clear about their expectations whether for job, salary, location.  Don’t be afraid of saying ‘no’ to a booking.  We would rather candidates be honest and therefore placed in a role they enjoy and thrive in.

9.       Don’t be afraid to ask.  Sometimes line managers throw you in the deep end and expect you to know the ropes, as a temp.  Ensure you speak up if you need assistance. 

10.   Keep an open mind.  Some of the best success stories are from candidates who took on a short-term temp booking which ultimately led to their permanent dream job.  Understanding that often getting a foot in the door is invaluable, so ensure you are targeting the companies that interest you not just the roles.

 For more tips for jobseekers have a look at our candidates section or, to see if we have your perfect next role, have a look at our jobs board.

by on October 8th, 2019
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