The demand for Market Research temps continues to rise this year. For this sector the  temps we worked with came from varied backgrounds. The reasons for temping ranged from just wanting to focus on the flexibility that freelancing  offered as a career to testing out the job market after talking extended leave, side hustling, and just filling a gap in between jobs or study .

The benefits of using temps has really helped some of our research & insight clients. Having an extra pair of hands has taken the pressure off existing teams who have found themselves under resourced but over worked, due to sudden increases in workloads, staff absence, illness, maternity/ paternity  or sabbatical leave.

Some market research agencies use temps as they consider growing their internal teams, but don’t have the time to dedicate to the recruitment process for permanent staff yet; others realise that the recruitment process for a permanent person will take time and use a temp worker to help remedy an immediate short term need.

Offering work to freelancers can be a slightly nerve racking process, especially when the work conducted by market research and insight specialists is often client facing and project based; but as the shortage of talented skills is pretty much here for the foreseeable future, using freelancers/ temporary workers can provide you help to deliver the support your internal employees will seek, and your clients need.

Which temps/ freelancers  are in high demand?

Keeping up to date on the latest tools and trends is vital to keep yourself in work on a continuous basis. If you’re lucky you might come across a really interesting and exciting projects and be pleasantly surprised. Only just last month one of our temps who was adamant not to take a permanent position, received a permanent  job offer she just “couldn’t refuse” with the company she as helping out , initially on a 2-3 week   assignment.

The reasons to use temps vary from company to company,  and as skills evolve there is no “one size fits all” formula for temping as the list below shows some of the types of projects that we have been asked to help on recently.

  • Qualitative Research Senior Associate Director with skills including moderating, IDIs, online qual,  combined with the ability to  travel internationally, and strong writing skills to compose Thought Leadership pieces and  articles
  • Behavioural & Cultural Insights Research Manager qual/quant
  • Research Manager with experience in Project Design, project management, storytelling skills
  • Data analyst (quant and qual) combined with languages   (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin)
  • Qualitative specialist with videography
  • Specialist secondary social listening manager
  • Strategists & Strategic Analysts
  • Community Managers
  • Research Project Managers with skills  in Quant Project leadership
  • Brand Insights
  • Research managers with people management capabilities
  • Data checking / proofing /
  • Tv Audience analyst

In 2019 we supported over 200 temp workers helping them find suitable work as well as manage their weekly payroll.  As such we have a team of people who dedicate themselves  to making sure that client and candidates’ lives are as easy as possible when it comes to temporary recruitment. We provide a variety of options for our candidates as to how they would like to be set up as a temp, including an in house option where we manage their timesheets, holiday pay, pension contributions and any day to day enquiries (the most popular choice for our candidates).

If you are interested in joining our market research & insight freelance/ temp pool and have worked in an agency or consultancy  then please get in touch by emailing

by on March 7th, 2020
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