• Media Planner Jobs – What you Need to Know

    Media Planner Jobs – What you Need to Know Boyce Recruitment takes a look at media planner roles in TV and broadcasting. Media planners (also sometimes known as a brand planner, strategist, communication planner) play an all-important role in a company’s advertising strategy. Their focus, in general, is to understand what media a client’s target […]

  • The Benefits of Working as a Temp in the TV Industry

    The Benefits of Working as a Temp  in the TV Industry We asked our recruiters for TV, Broadcast & Media, why temping in the TV industry can have a positive impact on your career. With the TV landscape changing and broadcasters implementing new strategies and restructures, this is an excellent opportunity to work as a […]

  • How to Succeed in PR

    How to  Succeed in PR Public Relations is both a desirable and competitive industry to work in; just getting your foot through the door can be a challenge. So, what happens once you have managed to breakthrough? Here we explore the key skills required to succeed in PR. A traditional PR role encompasses several elements, […]

  • How to Prepare for an Interview in PR

    The Interview: A Step by Step Guide Thorough preparation and planning will make the difference between a good interview and an excellent interview. Here we offer some pointers: First Step: Understanding the Interview Process The more you prepare for your interview, the more in control you will be of the situation, making it less likely […]

  • How to Make a Post Production Showreel

    How to Make a  Post Production Showreel When applying for a job in Post Production, you’ll need to provide a professional showreel which will showcase your skills and experience. We’ve got some tips to help make sure your showreel stands out from the crowd. Do you have experience in Post Production as an Editor, Motion […]

  • How to Land a Job in Post Production

    How to Land a  Job in Post Production If you’re looking for a post-production role, here’s our guide on breaking into the industry and the different job routes that follow. As the post-production industry progresses, so do the types of university courses available for students looking to get jobs in the post sector. With more […]

  • Interviewing like a STAR

    Interviewing  like a STAR How to shine in a competency-based interview Here you are about to start your interview. You know that everything you say and do will be observed and judged. Your career depends on what will happen in the next hour, and you think you have little to no control over it. The […]

  • Supercool Jobs with Languages

    Supercool Jobs  with Languages Multilingual roles play an important part in the global economy. Here we take a look at nine exciting areas of opportunity for those interested in a job with languages. 1. Localisation What is Localisation, and why is it important to companies? A Localisation role suits those who not only enjoy language […]

  • Create an Engaging Market Research Presentation

    Create an Engaging Market Research Presentation The recruitment process for jobs in market research, strategy, insight or analytics, usually involves a market research presentation. Here we offer advice and tips on preparation and delivery. The competition for candidates with research and insight skills continues to increase. Therefore, it’s even more critical for individuals to demonstrate […]

  • How to Start a Career in Market Research

    How to Start a  Career in Market Research Boyce Recruitment join forces with George Tsakraklides, a well-respected research director, to comment on what to expect when applying for a job in market research. The global landscape is changing so fast; it’s sometimes hard to keep up with market research trends. Companies have access to so […]