Information is available to us like never before. We no longer have to rely on our own intuition, we have access to 100’s of people thoughts, feeling and past experiences on pretty much everything. From hotels, restaurants, shops, experiences to cities, natural wonders and yes now jobs and companies.

I have mixed feelings on this!

Part of me loves this idea of a shared human experience. Offering advice on things that you have actually gone though and allowing other to access this information in a relatively easy way seems like genus! I now no longer can have a bad meal- if I read the reviews I can see what starters to avoid and that the salted caramel desert is the best thing ever! I know that between 6-7pm is the best time to go and I can have the perfect experience all thanks to social media.

That said – I don’t like salted caramel and that starter that you said was ‘Bland and tasteless’ was amazing thank you! Thank god I decide to ignore you- you don’t know me!

And here lies the issue!

We are human and what one of us likes another won’t.

I read a review online that one of my best and favourite clients has the worst work life balance known to man! – This was a scathing review and was actually almost an attack on this specific business. And then everyone else seemed to agree! Was I missing something? Was the client who I loved working with really that awful?

Well I then decided to channel my inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate.

It turned out no, it was not that bad by any means. The person who had started this review ‘Thread’ had recently left the company under a bit of a dark cloud and joined a competitor. They were all vising for the same candidates so they decided to throw some negative press at their old place of work! (This is a very good example of how to not only burn your bridges but disintegrate them!)

This is my general rule of social media- people will only write about the amazing and the horrific. Finding a general balanced view is almost impossible! They do exist – I have seen them! But they are hidden by the person who hates perfectly good starters and loves a quite frankly sub-par salted caramel tart.

So what do we do? We have all this information, all these opinions- how do we work out what is fact and well stretched facts?

It comes back to my initial point- intuition.

Your gut reaction will normally be right- listen to it!

You can read as many reviews as you want but you need to make up your own mind- go and meet that company, have a drink at that bar that was “to busy with appalling service” and try the starter – it really was very good!

Then make your own call and maybe write a review?

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by on January 29th, 2018
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