• 9. What do I do if I am unhappy in my assignment?

    If you are unhappy in your assignment then please call your consultant as soon as possible. We will work with you to resolve any problems you may have and if the situation is not resolvable we will do what we can to secure you alternative work.

  • 9. Pension

    Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through their pension scheme at work. We are required to auto enrol all temporary workers aged 22 and above to the company’s pension scheme. Under the Pensions Act 2008, all employers in the UK must put certain staff into a pension […]

  • 8. What happens if I want to leave a temp assignment?

    If you wish to / or need to leave an assignment we ask you to contact your consultant directly as soon as possible to let them know and so that they can notify the client.  No notice is necessary however a courtesy notice is often appreciated even if it is 1 day.

  • 8. Other Deductions

    We are sometimes required by law to make other deductions from your gross pay.  You will be notified by the relevant authority if this is the case and includes student loan payments, court orders for housing or employment benefits.  Please ensure you check with our payroll team if you are unsure of why these deductions […]

  • 7. What do I do if I am sick overnight whilst on assignment?

    If you are unwell, please CALL your consultant by phone as early as possible but ideally no later than 1 hour before your scheduled start time so that we can inform the company if you are ill. If you are working night shifts then please ensure that you contact (by email and phone) your line […]

  • 7. NI

    On your payslip you will see NI (employ)’ers and NI (employ)’ees contributions in the deductions column for each pay period. National Insurance (NI) is used to pay for: the NHS, Unemployment benefit, Sickness and disability allowances and the state pension. NI is deducted in a similar way as the tax but the threshold and percentage […]

  • 6. When do I get paid?

    Timesheets are processed the week following the one you have just worked. This means you are paid 1 week in arrears. If you have completed your timesheet within the deadline, we guarantee payment by Friday of that week. Please complete your timesheet as soon as possible so there is plenty of time for the line […]

  • 6. What is a P60 and when do I get it?

    Your P60 shows the tax you’ve paid on your salary in the tax year (6 April to 5 April). You get a separate P60 for each of your jobs. If you’re working for an employer on 5 April they must give you a P60. They must provide this by 31 May, on paper or electronically.You’ll […]

  • 5. Who will approve my timesheet?

    You will be given a contact name by your boyce consultant and in most cases this is the person who will approve your timesheet.  Please check this is the case and also who would be able to approve should the individual be absent from the business on the day of approval.  If you are not […]

  • 5. How does the Tax Office classify me and work out my tax code?

    You will get a P45 when you stop working for an employer and you need to give this to a new employer. The P45 shows how much money you have earnt in the current tax year (April-April) and what tax you have paid. It will show the code that the Tax office has used to […]